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Teacher and sewing student

FCS4304C Teaching Textile Product Construction

Summer Session 1 – 2024

Course Description

About Me

Goals for the Course

Course Schedule

The class will meet five days a week from 9-noon, which much of the time focused on lab time to practice our new skills, observe a class with new learnings and create our own teaching materials.

The fifth week of class will meet online so that we can practice using online tutorials to teach and learn sewing.


FCS4304C Su24 Syllabus

Required Materials

  • Sewing Machine: Singer M100 or 1034. These machines are lightweight, portable and avoid the unnecessary attachments and computerization that can impede learning by beginners. If you already own a machine, do not purchase this machine but download all of the instruction guides so that you can create sample classroom materials.
  • Sewing Kit
    • Fabric scissors
    • Paper scissors
    • Small thread snips/scissors
    • Rotary Cutter (optional)
    • Clear 6″ sewing ruler
    • Pack of sewing pins
    • Pack of hand sewing needles
    • Seam ripper
  • Fabric
    • 3-1 yard pieces of 100% cotton fabric from the quilting section (your choice of print) for simple projects
    • 4-7″ trouser zippers that coordinate with the fabrics you chose
    • 1 roll 1/4″ wide grosgrain ribbon that coordinates with the fabrics you chose


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