First Oneshirt. Made using scraps from blue and green long tunics. Batik purchased at Quilt Basket in York, Nebraska. Chambray and linen purchased from

For the past 3 years, I have worn the same shirt every day. To be more precise, I have worn the same style of shirt, made from a single pattern that I developed to fit my body, my daily needs and my values. I didn’t know when I started that this practice would continue, grow and become a cornerstone of my life.

I realize now that I need to document the origins of my idea and share the impetus with others. Wearing one shirt, which I have called The Oneshirt, has made my life simpler, allowed me to express myself, created opportunities, provided boundaries and while I can’t promise I will wear a Oneshirt until I die, I wouldn’t be surprised.

So, what is the Oneshirt? The shirt is a thigh length tunic that is fitted in the shoulders and at the hem. The center of the tunic bells outward to provide space for pockets, motion and to give the shirt a distinctive shape. A garment is made from material, design and craftsmanship. Each of these elements express my values and explaining this to you will give me the opportunity to share my experience and philosophy.

Make Clothes

Most importantly, I want to help you understand why and how I could wear the same shirt, every day, day in and day out without compromising on the same needs that everyone has when it comes to clothes. I want to help you understand how you too could design and make clothes that fit you and your needs, for the rest of your life. Your clothes are the canvas for your creativity, why buy that?



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